directly links to smart setup wizard if you are trying to setup the Netgear Nighthawk router. Get the hold of the Netgear router login web page by using or web address. If any problem is blocking you to access the Netgear Genie page, try the IP address for Netgear routers, for Nighthawk modems. Install the Nighthawk app for smartphones or Netgear Genie for a desktop to monitor your network. Try hypertext links or in case of not working.

Netgear Nighthawk Router Login

Check the recent Netgear firmware upgrade available to complete the Netgear router configuration and reach the secure Netgear login page.

Can’t access

Netgear router login not working troubleshooting:

  1. Ensure that the Netgear router is not so close to any other electronic device to avoid any interruption.
  2. Make sure the device is not more than 20 feet away from the wireless router.
  3. Antennas are the important hardware of the Netgear router, so adjust the antennas in the right direction to receive a stable signal in your device.
  4. If the Netgear router is attached with the surge protector, connect it with the Power outlet to receive a sufficient amount of voltage.
  5. Disconnect rest of the electronic devices from the Wi-Fi and try using the default IP address to log in to Netgear wireless router.

Netgear Router Configuration:

Installing the Netgear Nighthawk Router is easy using the Smart Setup Wizard program. Netgear router login is available even if the router doesn’t have any internet connection.
Select one the following mode to configure your Nighthawk router using
Smart Setup Wizard Interface Mode
  • Access the control panel of the Netgear router using web address.
  • Click forgot to access the password recovery page if you don’t remember the password.
  • Tap or click ‘Setup Wizard’ from the top left on the Netgear router’s dashboard and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Select the Netgear Genie help to automatically detect the type of the internet connection of your cable modem.
  • Edit the wireless name and the password and save the settings of the router.
  • Register the device by typing all the necessary information to receive an email in future regarding Netgear firmware upgrade.

Netgear Genie Wizard Mode

  • Launch Google Chrome or Microsoft edge and type Netgear router login IP to access the router page.
  • Enter the default credentials to enter the Netgear Genie page.
  • Get the help of Netgear Genie to identify the type of internet connection and enter the static IP if you are using DSL internet.
  • Tap or click ‘Next’ and router will apply the change in the router settings.
  • Connect all the devices and access any website to check if you are connected to the internet or not.

How to configure PPPoE Internet connection in Netgear router

Firstly, Get the username and the password from your Internet company to configure the PPPoE or broadband internet.
To configure the PPPoE internet type:
  • Note down all the information of the internet type:
    1. IP address
    2. Subnet mask
    3. Physical MAC address
  • Attach the Ethernet cable to the WAN port of the Nighthawk router.
  • Take out the other cat5 cable from the router box and attach from the LAN port to the laptop.
  • Turn on the power supply and check the IP address of the router by typing ‘ipconfig’ in the command prompt.
  • Open your internet explorer or Edge browser and type router login IP to access page.
  • Tap or click ADVANCED > Setup and choose the manual configuration for the internet type.
  • Choose the PPPoE type under Internet service provider and type the login username, password of the Internet provider.
  • Lastly, type Netgear router login details IP address > Subnet Mask > Mac address and click Apply to update the settings.
  • Note: When the configuration completes, check the internet connection is working or not.

Netgear Router Login Issues | Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot the router login issues and reset the router to default manufacturer settings to resolve the login problem.
First, try power cycle:
  • Disconnect the power source from the router and wait for one minute to drain all the power supply.
  • Carefully, attach the power supply and wait for the main light to turn white.
  • Open the web browser and try to login again.
  • Apply Hard Reset:
  • Search for a reset button at the rear of the Netgear router and hold it down for complete eight seconds.
  • Release the button after eight seconds and wait for the router to boot.
  • Wait for the power light to solid white, if you see the power light it means the hard reset process finishes.
  • Contact the router experts for help if you are still getting a router login error.
Factory Reset to Default:
  • To begin with reset of Netgear router login using Netgear Genie, open web address.
  • Complete the authentication step by typing the default credentials to enter the router page.
  • Tap or click ADVANCED > Administration > Backup Settings and perform revert to factory default settings by clicking the erase button.
  • Next, wait for router settings erase to the factory default.

Netgear Router Firmware Upgrade:

Download the latest Netgear firmware file from the Netgear support center if you don’t see any update prompt in the Netgear web GUI page.
  • Open the Microsoft edge or Mozilla Firefox on the desktop or laptop which is hooked up with router wired or wirelessly.
  • Type the default IP address carefully in the web search bar of the browser.
  • Next, an authentication dialogue box prompts for username and the password of Netgear router.
  • The default username, a password is case sensitive and mention on the router label underneath the wireless router.
  • Netgear Router Login Screen Will appear, if you don’t see the firmware upgrade prompt then go for the manual update.
  • Tap or click ADVANCED > Administration > Router Update and then click on the firmware update option.
  • Tap check for new version option, get the latest firmware from the Netgear download center and wait for the upgrade process to reboot the Netgear router.

  • Note: If any error occurs in the Netgear firmware update, connect the Ethernet cable and do not unplug or power off the Netgear router during the firmware upgrade process.


  • Open a web browser and type the router login address or IP address in the web search bar of your browser.
  • Search for the default credential information on the label underneath the Nighthawk router. The default username is admin and enter the default password as ‘password’ for all new models.
  • Tap or click BASIC > Wireless and update new SSID(Network Name) and wireless network passphrase for 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.
  • You can select different wireless name and password for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands in case of a dual-band router.
  • Tap the apply button to update new SSID and passphrase for your Netgear router and reconnect your wireless devices with the new network name and network security key.
  • NOTE: Wireless password should be between 8-64 characters.


  • Launch a browser and type or (alternatively, you can use the default IP address in case of Netgear modems).
  • Enter the default credentials for the router. The default username is admin and password as password, click login to enter the router settings page.
  • Netgear router login GUI screen will appear, click on BASIC > Guest Network to enable the guest network.
  • Type the guest wireless passphrase and click apply to update the router settings.
  • Now you can give your guest network passphrase to your visitors so, they can connect their wireless devices.


  • Open any internet browser on your desktop or laptop connected to the Netgear router wired or wirelessly.
  • Now type or in the web search bar of the browser and hit enter.
  • Netgear login authentication screen will appear and enter the default username as admin and default password as ‘password’ for all Nighthawk routers.
  • Tap or click the wireless > network > channel to set the channels according to you.
  • Channels are selected on auto by default under wireless settings and you can change the channels as advised by your tech expert.
  • Change the wireless channels to 2, 8 or 11 as recommended in the United States.
  • Click the apply option to update the settings of channels for your Netgear router and adjust the location of the router to avoid any interruption in Wi-Fi signals.

Netgear Nighthawk Router FAQ:

Question: I perform a Factory default reset on my Netgear router and after that, I am not able to access page. I need to create a guest network and change the admin, wireless password.
Solution: You have done the reset to factory, now all your router settings convert to factory default as a new one. Assure that your laptop is connected with your Nighthawk router wired or wirelessly and recognize the LED lights to be stable white. Try reboot the router if you see the blinking orange light on the Netgear router and wait for the power light to be solid white.
In case the Netgear router is connected with the surge protector, connect it with the power outlet. Now try to access the Netgear router login web GUI using web address, check the IP address of the router if you are still facing router login problem. If you are getting APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing), update the Wi-Fi adapters and select the search for IP address automatically.
In case of the access token expired or java flash player error, install the latest flash player for your web browser and access the Netgear Genie to select the guest network under BASIC settings. Create a guest network name and password for your visitors so nobody can change your router settings.

Question: I received an email regarding the Netgear firmware upgrade and I did update my Netgear router. Now, I am getting NO internet after firmware update and won’t access the login page.

Solution: First of all, check the router’s IP address of the wireless router and in case of 169.168.*.** IP address, choose obtain an IP address automatically from the network connections window. Reset the Netgear router to default settings and connect the router and computer with the Ethernet cable.
Access the Netgear router login web address using IP address and follow the instructions to reconfigure the router. Getting any prompt of firmware upgrade, select the yes option and wait for the router reboot to complete the update process.
Connect your devices with the 5GHz wireless band if you want the better internet speed and connect the devices which are little far from the router with the 2.4GHz wireless band to avoid any interruption.

Netgear Router Wi-Fi Issues & Troubleshooting

You are not connected to the Netgear router’s Wi-Fi network – Let’s try to resolve it!
  • Make sure that none other electronic devices place near to the router. If devices like a refrigerator or microwave oven are near to the router, shift your Netgear router to another location.
  • Sometimes the Antennas of the router change to their actual position, check the antennas are position in the right direction and reboot the router.
  • If you are facing no internet connection problem, power off the modem for 5 minutes and test the internet connection in the smart wizard of the Netgear router login page.
  • For no Wi-Fi signal problem, reboot the router and enable the Wi-Fi network by pressing the wireless hardware button on the router for four seconds. If the problem persists, checkmark the wireless radio from the router login page.
  • However, if the internet speed is still low on some devices, then disable the QoS(Quality of service) from the Netgear web interface. Change the channel values for both bands to improve the signal strength of the router.
  • Test the internet – Connect the laptop directly with the cable modem and reboot both the devices. Check the network connection after rebooting the devices and try to use the internet by accessing any website of your choice. If the internet test fails, call your Internet company to resolve the problem.
If you get to know by your Internet service provider that you are using a static IP address for the internet connection try additional troubleshooting steps.
  1. First of all, note down all the information about the pppoe connection and IP addresses from your internet service provider.
    a. Static IP address
    b. DNS server address
    c. Media access control address (MAC)
  2. Next, login to your Netgear router’s dashboard using authenticated router login password and select BASIC > Internet > test to check the internet connection.
  3. In case of internet test fail, check the static IP addresses under Internet Setup and compare all the IP values with the Internet company IP address.
  4. Select the static IP address if dynamic IP is highlighted on the router page and type the IP address and DNS server manually under the use of static IP address.

Netgear Router Network Password Recovery

Trying to change the wireless password? Not able to remember the current password to connect new devices. Follow the steps to change the password of the Netgear router’s Wi-Fi:
  • Launch the Netgear web interface web page in the internet browser using authenticated login credentials. If the admin password is not working try to recover the password using router password recovery.
  • Tap or click wireless under BASIC settings and type a different SSID (wireless name) and the password for 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.
  • Click Apply to save the settings after typing a new name and the password.
  • The steps would be the same in case if you are using a Netgear Genie desktop application to change the password.
  • However, if your Netgear router login won’t recognize the local admin password, follow these steps to perform a Netgear router admin password recovery.
    To enable router password recovery:
  • Open the web browser to effortlessly get to web page. Click the cancel option on the login dialogue prompt and password recovery screen will appear.
  • Type the answers of the predefined security questions and tap on the continue button to recover the actual password.
  • Now, you can see the router login information (Username and password) on the screen. Note down the information for the future purpose and try to login to admin page again. not working

Annoyed with not working? Many reasons are there to block you to access the Netgear router login page. Follow these simple steps to recover the router login page.
  • Firstly, make sure that you are typing the login address in the address bar of the browser. Use the correct username and password to sign-in the routerlogin-net web page.
  • If you are not able to access the Netgear web interface with the correct web address, try the default router admin page through or in case of Netgear modems.
  • Netgear router experts always upgrade the Netgear router login interface to improve the customer experience. Always use the latest web browser which is most likely compatible with the default login gateway interface.
  • Remove the caches, cookies, and history saved in your browser. Next, reset the browser to factory default settings.
  • If you are not able to access the Netgear login web page, you may also try to access the admin page using LAN (Ethernet) connection. Connections might differ in 2.4GHz or 5GHz, try both the wireless bands on different devices like laptop, tablet or mobile.
  • VPN proxy may block your devices to access the router page because it works on the multiple networks at the same time. Make sure to disable the VPN or proxy server before accessing the Netgear router login web page for both wired and wireless connection.
  • Perform the power cycle on all your devices at your home. Power off the modem, router, laptop and keep it unplugged for four minutes before you reboot the entire devices.
  • Lastly, disable the third party firewall, antivirus or pop-up blockers and keep it temporary disable in between the login process.

How to perform Netgear router cascade or connecting a router to another router

If you want to connect the new router with the older Netgear router to eliminate the dead spot or improve the signal strength. Implement the following steps to perform Netgear router cascading.
  • Power on both of the routers and connect the Ethernet cable from the primary router LAN port to the secondary router’s WAN port.
  • Note down the IP address of the main router and attach the Ethernet cable from one of the LAN port of the secondary router to the computer.
  • Launch web page from any of your browsers and select BASIC > Internet to disable the DHCP server of the main router. Connect the computer with the secondary router now.
  • Look for the IP address and DNS server boxes address under the BASIC settings and type the exact same IP address and DNS server address in the secondary router page.
  • Click the apply button to save the settings and power cycle the secondary router to refresh the network settings.
  • Wait for the power light to be solid after rebooting the Netgear router and try to access the internet in your device.

Netgear Genie Router Login Web GUI

Netgear Genie login is a web portal of Netgear router login from where you can access the wireless settings and tools of your router. Access the Netgear genie smart setup with the help of Netgear Genie desktop installed in the computer to set up the Netgear router. Download the Netgear genie for windows 10 and control the wireless devices with the Netgear Genie desktop app.

Fix the ‘ refused to connect’ issue with Netgear genie pc app which is available for Windows and Mac platform. Netgear router setup is a straight-forward process with the smart setup wizard. Netgear genie setup gives you the right direction to set up the router automatically. Configure the Netgear router automatically without any hassle of manual settings. Netgear Genie router login gives you the quick access to settings like parental control and firmware upgrade assistant.

How to Setup Netgear Nighthawk Router with a Netgear Switch?

Netgear switches are designed in such a way to deliver you high internet speed and strong connection. The switch provides fast streaming to the multiple devices simultaneously to all work stations in an office. Netgear switch is a plug and play device which delivers the output at Gigabit speeds.
Configuration of a Netgear switch is very transparent, you need to make all the LAN connections in the right form and enter the IP address to login. Netgear switch is one of the less costly options if you want to set up the multiple routers at your location. Implement the step by step guide to set up a Netgear Nighthawk router with a switch.
Initial Setup –
Step 1- Power off all the devices including Netgear switch and cable modem.
Step 2- Firstly, unplug the Ethernet cable from the wireless router and cable modem. Plug in the cat5 cable from the modem to the one of the Ethernet port on the Netgear switch.
Step 3- Take another cat5 cable and attach it to the available LAN port of the switch and connect the second end of the cable to the WAN port at the rear back of the Nighthawk router.
Step 4- Attach the power adapter to the Netgear switch and power outlet. Turn on all the devices and wait for the stable LED light on router and switch.

Netgear Router/Switch Setup

Activate the setup of a Netgear router once you have made all the necessary connections with the 8-port switch. Power on all the devices and the cable modem to begin with setup procedure.
Step 1- Join the Netgear router’s Wi-Fi on a computer with the available network security key.
Step 2- Type the official router/switch login interface or IP address in the web browser.
Step 3- Push the enter button to get the smart setup wizard and type the default login credentials listed on the label of the router.
Step 4- Select the agree to the terms and conditions, go ahead for the next step and the Netgear router automatically detect the dynamic internet connection.
Step 5- Create a strong password for your router admin login to enhance the security level of the wireless router. Change the SSID (wireless name) and the Wi-Fi password for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless bands in the next step.
Step 6- Tap ‘Save’ button to apply the settings and connect all your wireless devices with the Netgear router/switch network.

Netgear Router/Switch Login Troubleshooting

Netgear switch is one of the most popular networking hardware amongst commercial place or IT industry. Netgear interface has a smooth and clear login process. Mostly, all the networking manufacturers accept the default IP address to log in to switch interface but Netgear implements the process from the start instead of the self IP address. Link your Netgear switch with a laptop or desktop to sign in to the web interface login through
A unique login web interface has been introduced in 2009 to simplify the path through process. It is an advances method to log in to switch settings online through Netgear web portal so you don’t need to look around for the IP address to reach the login page. Type the Netgear web portal address in the browser and sign in to switch with the default credentials.
Some of the small organizations and industries may face some confusion about the switch login and the default IP address as they don’t have an IT technician normally. Some of them never tried to sign in to the login interface after setup or maybe they don’t know how to reach the login page of the Netgear switch. To clear all these difficulties and confusion, Netgear has implemented a straight-forward web interface instead of the default IP address to give you less headache about settings you need to change with the switch.
Now let’s describe the troubleshooting steps for issues like Netgear switch setup, change the admin password, Factory reset and refused to connect.

Quick step by step guide for Netgear setup

Most of the corporations literally don’t have any clue about how to make hardwired connections and installation of a Netgear switch. It is imperative to make all the hardwired connections in the right manner before starting with Netgear login procedure. Succeed the Netgear switch setup by chasing all the following steps carefully.
  1. Attach the cat5(Ethernet cable) from the modem to the WAN port at the rear of the switch, hook up your laptop and the Netgear switch exploiting second cat5 cable.
  2. Drain out all the power from the cable modem, laptop, and switch by turning off for two minutes before getting to login step.
  3. Launch your main browser and insert web address in the web search bar. Utilize the default IP address in case you are getting only search results for switch login.
  4. The default credentials (username and password) for login is described on the label under the switch. Modify the password as your demand to access the login in the future.
  5. Establish a system name and location for the switch and transform the network protocol to static IP address.
  6. Tap or click ‘Apply’ to save the settings and assign the LAN IP address to each work station. refused to connect

Are you tired of trying to get to the login page of the Netgear switch?
If you come across refused to connect error pursue all the steps in this article to troubleshoot the issue or you can use the default IP address to enter the settings of the switch.
  • In most of the cases, the browser seems to be not compatible with the Netgear web interface. Install the latest browser to get the smooth entrance of the switch login.
  • Disconnect all the other devices which are already connected with the Netgear switch. Power cycle the entire network including your PC to avoid any interruption with Netgear login portal.
  • Set up the latest flash player for your browser and disable the security program installed in your computer. Try to use your browser without any extension to the settings of the Netgear switch if this doesn’t work.
  • Type the official web address in the URL address bar of the browser, in case you are typing in the search bar, get search results instead of the Netgear login page. Carefully enter the Netgear login address to avoid any mistyping error.
Adjust the hardwired connections in a proper manner, if any of the LAN connection is loose or not precise then you won’t able to get to the Netgear login page.
Fasten the LAN connections of the switch and modem with caution and reboot the switch to start the procedure.

Revert the settings to factory default | Reset

I am trying to login to switch but encountering some issues to get to the web management interface.
The most efficient way to resolve this issue is the factory reset of the Netgear switch. This process eliminates all the previous settings and tries to get hold of the Netgear switch interface. There are two effective ways to reset the Netgear switch.
Using the recessed button: Search for the small tiny recessed button (Factory reset) at the rear or underneath the switch. Use a thin pin or a paperclip to push and hold down the recessed button for five seconds. Wait for some while and it will automatically reboot the router to restore it to factory default settings. Open a Netgear login management interface in your browser and go ahead with the default authenticated login credentials.
Once you are directly login to switch gateway, follow the setup procedure again as we explained earlier.
Utilizing web management interface:
  1. Open any of the internet browsers and type or IP address in the web search bar to access the web management interface of the Netgear switch.
  2. Type your login credentials to bypass the login prompt and access the Netgear login effectively.
  3. Tap or click Advanced > maintenance > Reset to revert all the settings to default.
  4. Accept ‘yes’ to change all the configuration settings to default values and apply the settings to reboot the switch in default switch settings.
Note: Do not long press the hard reset button to avoid your switch in a recovery mode.

Change the Login password for Netgear switch/router

Netgear switch has manufactured with the predefined default login password utilize to change the settings of the switch. If you want to be the only administrative for your switch, change the admin password of the Netgear switch so nobody can alter the settings of the switch. Search for the default admin credentials and IP address for Netgear router/switch login to raise the security level of the device.
To change the admin password for Netgear router/switch:
  • Search for the IP address on the label underneath the Netgear switch and open the default web browser in your laptop or desktop.
  • Put the default IP address in the URL bar of the browser and press enter to reach the Netgear switch login page.
  • Tap or click ADVANCED settings to access the preset mode page and choose the change password from the menu of the web page.
  • On the next page type the current admin password for login and set up the new password for your switch login.
  • Refresh the page to log in the switch settings and type your new password to access the settings of your Netgear switch.
  • (Note: The login password should be minimum 8 to 63 characters. Use letters, symbols and alphabets to enhance the security of the Netgear switch)